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How Seamless Pipes Can Benefit us in Different Ways?

We can say that seamless pipes are manufactured with the help of solid steel that is in a sheet. Manufacturers convert it into a solid round ship which is also known as billets. After heating these billets are cast over a piercing rod to create a hollow tube. The main advantage of seamless pipes is that they don’t have a weld seam. Due to this reason, the strength of the pipe is uniform around the entire circumference of the pipe. Many manufactures produce good quality seamless pipes in Pakistan. Now let’s discuss the benefits of seamless steel pipes.

Pressure rating 

One of the most important advantages of a seamless steel pipe is that it can easily withstand pressure. There is no seam in a seamless pipe so the strength of the pipe is uniform. Because of their lightweight, these pipes help the industries to cut down their costs up to a great level. It becomes easier to determine pressure calculations without considering the weld quality.

Uniformity of shape

A seamless pipe has the advantage of true roundness of the circumference because it is a continuous extrusion of alloy. This means that you can count on the round cross-section as it will be helpful when you are installing pipes or adding fittings.

Strength under loads

This type of pipe shows its strength under loading. When a pipe is empty it must support its weight but when the material flows in, it should support that weight as well. Seamless pipes do not have a seam, so no pipe failures and pipe leaks occur like welded pipes.

Difference between seamless pipe and welded pipe 

Generally, due to the weld seam, everyone considers welded pipes weak. On the other hand, people consider a seamless pipe safer due to the lack of this structural flaw. The length of a welded pipe is relatively shorter but due to some manufacturing difficulties. We can manufacture a seamless pipe in long continuous lengths. Due to the different qualities of a simple pipe, we can say that it is corrosion-resistant. But a welded pipe has weld areas that are more prone to corrosion attacks.

A seamless pipe does not require any testing for weld integrity on the other hand it is compulsory to test a welded pipe before use. A welded pipe is safe for a less corrosive and low-pressure environment. A seamless pipe can easily withstand high-pressure temperatures and a corrosive environment.

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