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How to Distinguish The Superior Seamless Pipe in Pakistan From Inferior One?

The most frustrating thing about steel shopping in Pakistan is buying low-quality seamless steel pipes. This can affect product quality. How can you identify low-quality seamless pipe in Pakistan? Let’s look at some methods to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality seamless steel pipes.

Common problems

Scarring is common in inferior quality seamless steel pipes. Superior seamless steel pipes are prone to impurities and contain uneven materials. The inferior pipe manufacturers use simple guide and protection equipment. Pipes containing impurities can cause scarring if they are bit into the roll. Pipe folding is common in inferior quality seamless steel pipes.

Low quality seamless steel pipes can be scratched easily. This is because the equipment used to produce inferior steel pipes is very simple. Products are more prone to scratches and burrs. Steel’s strength will be affected by deep scratches.

Poor quality seamless steel pipes can often show pitting. A pitted surface is an irregular surface defect caused by severe wear to the rolling groove. The groove rolling of inferior steel pipes is often more profitable than the standard because they are looking to make profits.

Cracks can form on the surface of inferior pipes. The reason is because the blanks are made from adobes which have many pores. Cracks can be generated during cooling due to thermal stress. There are also cracks after rolling.

The best solution

Superior quality seamless steel pipes often have low transverse ribs, and can appear dissatisfied. This is because in order to attain a large negative tolerance, the first few passes of the final product are too large, the iron is too small, or the hole type isn’t full.

High-quality steel has a uniform composition, high specifications for the pipe cutting machine, and a smooth, tidy end face. The poor material can cause meat loss on the cutting head’s end. This is because it has no metallic luster and is often uneven. The products made from inferior materials have less cuts so big ears may appear at both the beginning and end.

Superior seamless steel pipes are characterized by large elasticity and irregular cross-sections. This is because the manufacturer cannot reduce the number of passes that make up the final roll in order to increase its output. This type of seamless steel pipes is weaker than the standard and does not meet the dimensions of seamless steel pipes.

Why Crescent Corporation?

There are hundreds of manufacturers selling seamless pipe in Pakistan and it is very hard to recognize the superior quality pipes among thousands of types available. So, you should go to an accomplished manufacturer of seamless pipe in Pakistan to get the highest quality products. Here, Crescent Corporation comes into play. You can find most superior quality of seamless pipe there.

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